Solace / Sublime

July 8
 - September 16, 2023
This group exhibition features artists who find inspiration in the natural world, exploring the contrasting notions of solace and the sublime through fragmented and representational imagery that embraces the dichotomies of the overwhelming and the minute, the eternal and the ephemeral.
Molly Enholm Velazco
Works by
Samantha Fields, Megan Frances, Yvette Gellis, Virginia Katz, R. Nelson Parrish, and Molly Enholm Velazco.
Above: Samantha Fields, Mysterium Tremendum, 2022

Solace/Sublime is a group exhibition featuring artists who look to phenomena of the natural world as a primary source of inspiration. In the trajectory of Western art, portrayals of the natural world were often cast as attempts to conjure the sublime, through representations of the natural world that emphasize its power, scale and longevity that vastly overwhelm the emotions of the viewer. The exhibition explores a contrasting notion through the very elements often associated with the sublime experience. Collectively, their response is one that values the experiential over the objectification of the natural world and seeks to translate these elemental forces of nature. Through a combination of fragmented and representational imagery, these artists embrace the enduring dichotomies of the natural world: the overwhelming and the minute, the eternal and the ephemeral, the solace and the sublime.

On view July 8th through September 16th, with public viewing hours between 10am and 4pm, Thursday – Saturday.

This exhibition is supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles and the Pasadena Art Alliance. Additional support for the AGCC exhibitions program provided by City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Perenchio Foundation, The Ahmanson Foundation, Norris Foundation, and the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation.

Funding is also provided by the California Natural Resources Agency for the Museum Grant Program under the California Cultural and Historical Endowment.

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