Many Winters Gathering of Elders

The Many Winters Gathering of Elders (MWGOE) was created on October 12, 1992 in opposition to the quincentennial celebrations of Columbus Day – to reclaim traditional spaces, dismantle the myth of Manifest Destiny, and to heal from historical and intergenerational trauma. 

Honoring Indigenous Wisdom & Cultivating Healing

Many Winters Gathering of Elders (MWGOE) plays a vital role in the Los Angeles Native community’s healing, with the participation and support of the original peoples of the land. The vision of The Gathering is to host a sacred space in an urban setting for people to come together, with the intention to learn, pray, support Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, and to inspire a healthier future for Native people. The Gathering hosts and welcomes Indigenous elders from across Turtle Island to share oral traditions, teachings, and medicine. Indigenous elders were central in sharing their living knowledge, daily and generational struggles while participating at the annual Gatherings over the years.

The annual event is led by the MWGOE Core Committee, comprised of community members representing various tribes including the local Tongva, Chumash, Ajachemen, as well as organizations: Red Earth Defense, Xican@ Records & Film, in partnership with Angels Gate Cultural Center.

For more information regarding the Many Winters Gathering of Elders, including press inquiries, please call Stephanie Mushrush at (562) 265-8323 or visit

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