Your support is critical to the ongoing success and excellence of our programs, both onsite at AGCC and in the community.

Legacy Giving for Angels Gate

Leave a lasting impact on the arts and support future generations of creativity and cultural enrichment by joining our Legacy Giving programs. Your generous contributions will help preserve artistic traditions, foster innovative artistic endeavors, and ensure that the transformative power of the arts continues to flourish at AGCC for years to come. Please contact us with any questions at (310) 519-0936.

Charitable Bequest

A charitable bequest to Angels Gate Cultural Center is an official statement in your will, trust, or estate plan that designates a gift to the Center. Gift amounts are stated in three main ways: a specific amount is the exact total money you will give, a percentage amount is a percentage of what the donor will give, such as a percentage of an estate, and a remainder amount is the leftover funds Angels Gate Cultural Center would receive once you have paid any other bequests.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity to Angels Gate Cultural Center occurs when you make an agreement with AGCC to give any large amount of money. AGCC then pays you an annual set income from that sum until the pay period ends. The nonprofit retains any leftover funds.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is gifted to Angels Gate Cultural Center, and pays an annualv amount to the Center. AGCC receives an annual amount from the trust fund, and once the trust is complete, the charity receives the remaining funds.