Susan Davis

"I believe in the power of art to change communities for the better. Art is a catalyst for bringing people together to make their lives richer and more meaningful. Angels Gate Cultural Center is warm, nurturing and friendly with a setting of sublime beauty." -Susan Davis, Secretary of Board of Directors
I moved to San Pedro in 1975 with my husband to live and work in the downtown studio spaces that were abundant and affordable. We were just some of the many artists who made the San Pedro historic arts district flourish. We remained in San Pedro to raise our family and enjoy the unique character it provides–the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the quality of life that is enhanced with a diverse community. I had a long career in higher education, retiring in 2009 as the Director of Graphic Communications for the Rancho Santiago Community College District. I continue to practice graphic design and enjoy working in my home studio on digital art prints. Spending time with family is my favorite activity. I'm an avid traveller, reader, gardener and a student of ceramics here at AGCC.
Time in current Board position: 2 Months
Years on the AGCC Board: 6 years
Years involved with AGCC: 8 Years