June 3, 2017
A biannual event highlighting sound art, showcasing single- and multi-media artworks that investigate sensory perception and experience, produced by FLOOD.

An Evening of Indoor/Outdoor Site-Specific Sound Installations

Ear Oriented Multi-sensory Presentations

June 3, 2017

5pm – 10pm


SoundPedro will be the first of biannual event highlighting sound art. The event will showcase  single- and multi-media artworks that investigate the way we use our senses to perceive and experience. This event will be produced by FLOOD, who for 10 years brought Soundwalk to Long Beach.

After the final SoundWalk in 2013, sound artists throughout the region lamented the loss of a high-profile niche event that introduced mainstream communities to an art form frequently relegated to the margins. Last year, Amy Eriksen, Executive Director of Angels Gate Cultural Center,  a venue with a history of showing experimental and sound work, reached out to FLOOD with the goal of starting a new event.  “Visual art pieces are often shown in galleries all over the South Bay. This collaboration seeks to bring another great niche of artists to be heard, sound artists all over the country will dazzle the hilltop,” says Amy Eriksen, Executive Director of Angels Gate Cultural Center.

Produced by FLOOD

Curated by Glenn Bach, Nisa Karnsomport, Alan Nakagawa, and Mark Walsh

Artists: Aught Collective/Hot Tomorrows, Glenn Bach, Borderline Antigone, Faraday Cage, Rychard Cooper, The Dirty Chaps, Ear Meal, Martin Espino, Wolf Gowin & Tom Zear, heare, Cesar Davila Irizarry, foreign native, The Laptop Collective, Janet Lozada, MicDrop, Loren Newell, New Culture Media Group, Yann Novak, phog masheen, Tom Peters, QRUX, RadioMachineMagazine, sARTe, Steve Roden, Sam, Southern California Soundscape Ensemble, Steven Speciale, Tv-ma, Whearas…DevineBrick & BrenNoid, univac, Roxanne Varzi, Nick Venden, Elouise Walker, wikiGong, Sander Roscoe Wolff, X EYES

Free Admission

Onsite Free Parking