Beth Elliott

Beth Elliott explores common, everyday events, ideas and materials in playful, unexpected ways to give an inviting, positive entry with food for further thought.

Beth Elliott, Hybrid Seabird, 2018. Plastic. Image courtesy of the artist.

Beth is a multi-media sculptor, installation and performance artist… She strives to inspire viewers to interact with the work and expand creative possibilities in their own vision and lives. Experimentation and humor are always in the forefront while also dealing with environmental issues, She uses common  found, repurposed and natural materials as well as producing work from crocheted fish line, ceramics, sun cyanotype and painting to create her multi-media work.Beth’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the country including Moca and The Craft Contemporary in Los Angeles, The Seattle Art Museum, Western Association of Art Museums and The Smithsonian Museum. She worked as lead scenic artist on Hollywood films for 10 years and earlier designed a clothing line that sold in boutiques from Beverly Hills to 5th Avenue; both continue to influence her artwork.