Delora Bertsch

My clay works speak of dreams, life and mystery.

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My art and my life are not divided into components.  I combine clays together as one unique whole personal aesthetic enjoyment.  My life changed continually, whether I am ready or not, and my art changes along with my life.  Every day, I seek a new consciousness and wholeness from my perspective.

My clay works speak of dreams, life and mystery.

As an artist, I am putting my thoughts and dreams out into my clay works. Beyond the gloss is memory, a part of my history. Our history is now always objective truth: memory shapes how we perceive it, and so the history is our truth.


‘Symbols, marks or geometric patterns inside or outside the surface,

 some repeating themselves, overlapping one another,

 a grid or circle, bathe with deep rich or warm earth tone glazes.

                  These are my personal marks,

and all have a special personal meaning to me.’ – Delora Bertsch