By Melina Paris | January 19, 2023 | Random Lengths News

Stacking / Up, an organic and surprisingly zen-inducing exhibition now on display at The LoftGallery, was co-organized by artists Jim Murray, of The Loft and Jan Govaerts, founder of TheLoft and Blue Water Clay ceramics studio. January’s First Thursday opening ofStacking/ Up generated great interest because of the way different works play off of each other. For example, Ben Zask’s pieces play well off of both Murray’s and Ann Daub’s pieces of horizontal stacking. All the artists in Stacking /Up work in 3D but stacking is not a typical process that they utilize in their works.

Murray said Govaerts, who has been a working artist in San Pedro since 1996, proposed the initial exhibition. The Loft’s previous show was made up of artists that have worked at The Loft Studios.

“Jan thought we could follow up with artists who had shown in The Loft Studios,” said Murray. “We didn’t have any idea what the title was going to be but when we started assembling names we realized that everybody that we were trying to consider were 3D people and a lot of them fit this concept of “stacked.” 

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