Above: Erika Lizée, The Subtle Body Prepares of Emergence, Image Panic Studio LA.

By John David O’Brien | Artillery | March 8, 2022

Thresholds—with their curious balancing act between two places, spaces or states—have always exercised a tremendous pull upon human imagination. It is, without even working at it, a naturally apt analogy for multiple types of transformation. The number of commonly used phrases in our language that we take for granted shows how we all understand the liminal quality that the concept of a brink reveals.

In the truly grand geography of greater Los Angeles, going down to San Pedro always still surprises, as this tip of land, the bottom-most point of LA, opens onto the ocean. Surmounted by a seemingly endless number of dock rigs and ship riggings, boats, and containers, it really feels like you’ve arrived some place other than the City of Angels. Located in what was once a military base, the cultural center of Angels Gate has taken a decommissioned barrack and transformed it into art galleries. On the top floor of the main gallery “PORTALS” inhabits the slightly diminutive spaces, and the art installed there in turn plays around with the sense of portals being something from a port (which is a portal) and each being a portal to elsewhere.

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