Philip Borden, PH.D.

Quondam historian, serial entrepreneur, meandering consultant, and curiosity flavored dilettante, Dr. Borden’s career spans fifty years of for- and nonprofit leadership. He believes in the power of both art and science to resolve major challenges. Throughout his career, he has consulted in museum and exhibit design, arts financing, and the creation of “innovation communities” on five continents. He has authored over 100 professional presentations and publications. Dr. Borden trained in history, mathematics, political theory, and business management in the U.S. and at Oxford. He left an academic career at UCLA and USC to found or co-found high technology ventures in artificial intelligence applied to learning theory and advanced manufacturing, electronic and electro-optical design, and forensic image processing. He transitioned to the non-profit world to head minority and woman’s economic development organizations. He helped establish several city and county wide business and civic organizations, an L.A. City/County transportation consortium, and a national organization to help entrepreneurs find equity investment. Nobody would confuse his woodworking or graphics with art, but he tries.
Time in current Board position: 4 years
Years on the AGCC Board: 4 years
Years involved with AGCC: 4 years