Carlos Quevedo

Facilities Coordinator
"It feels like home when I come and go enjoy the sights or a gallery show. Community people and even this place always puts a smile on my face."
Carlos Quevedo was born in the year 1984 in the city of Torrance, California. A young artistic boy was out to make a name for himself. He was a break dancer in the early 90's as it was popular along with skateboarding. He also was in to poetry so he would hangout with D.J.'s and lyricist in the Long Beach underground scene. As time passed he kept learning new things till he stumbled on tattooing. This brought him back to his art he would love to do as a kid growing up. His imagination would run wildly as he would get lost creating art on people skin. It was all too good till 2004 where I almost lost my right hand. This changed my way of life but not my love for art. I am where I am suppose to be at Angels gate which keeps my heart full of art and my children grew a passion to color the earth.