April 8, 2016 | AGCC in the Media

By Priscilla Frank | HuffPost | April 8, 2016

The Port of Los Angeles is a 7,500-acre port complex located about 20 miles south of downtown LA. Since the 1800s, the harbor has been used as a trading post, with $1.2 billion of cargo entering and exiting the port each day, from trade partners including China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. From a distance, the port, which employs 3.6 billion people worldwide, is so massive it’s difficult to digest, the 43-mile stretch of shipping containers, cranes and ships warping to resemble a Lego set to the random passerby.

Just a few minutes from the port is Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, an art gallery and educational community space nestled away between a high school campus and a slew of military buildings. Aside from being a locus of commerce, with ramifications rippling out around the world, San Pedro is also a bourgeoning arts community, close to but distinctly outside the madness of LA’s institutionalized art world.

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