May 13
 - June 17, 2023
Curated by FLOOD, this exhibition kicks off soundpedro2023 and features works by multiple artists exploring sound intake through various media, including printmaking, sculpture, video, and sound media.
Works by
Phoebe Barnum, Beth Elliott, Bill Faecke, Bill Jaros, Nguyen Ly, Edmond Maloney, Tim Maxeiner, Lowell Nickel, Ashton Phillips, Susan Rawcliffe, and Ann Weber

MINGLE MANGLE is curated by FLOOD and kicks-off soundpedro2023 in the AGCC galleries. Responding to the concept of sound intake, these artists work in a variety of media including various printmaking techniques, sculpture, video, assemblage, handmade instruments, built ecosystems, and sound media.

soundpedro is an annual season of experimental sound art events, investigating the way we perceive and experience sound through a series of multi-sensory, on-site and online events and artworks.

Additional events and information can be found at soundpedro.org

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This exhibition is presented through support from the California Natural Resources Agency through the Museum Grant Program under the California Cultural and Historical Endowment.

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