Michelle Seo

July 8
 - September 9, 2023
Angels Gate Studio Artist Michelle Seo is featured in our galleries with a curated selection of watercolor paintings from her Dust series and a ceramic work from her Onggie Vessel series.
Works by
Michelle Seo

Michelle Seo’s work contends with the balancing of societal class rage in discordance with the happiness and love of the nuclear family. With a Koreanapproach and a core of American,Seo grapples with turning her personal reality into a universal fiction. Veiled by characters that symbolize naïveté such as the bunny and the teddy, and other animals of Korean tradition—turtles and fishes—Seo visualizes her memory and emotions between imagination and reality. 

DUST is a homage to a long time admiration for the art of comics. As a silent comic in watercolor, Seo’s DUST the story of a girl’s spirit emerging from a well in a pagoda heading towards the final moment when she witnesses her bodys incineration into dust by the sun. Ponderingwhat happens afterdeath, DUST is Seo’s response to not only the ongoing pandemic, but also to her living together with her grandmother suffering from dementia. 

Michelle Seo graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015 with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing. She has exhibited in Chicago and Los Angeles. She was a recent a Studio Artist at ACGG and is currently pursuing a MFA in ceramics at Alfred University, New York.

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