A Gathering of Angels: Studio Artists from 1985-2015

November 7, 2014
 - January 5, 2015.
An exhibition of over 50 former and current Studio Artists on the occasion of our 30th anniversary. The exhibition features a diverse group of alumni representing every year of Angels Gate Cultural Center’s history. Now working around the globe, they are united here today through their bold artistic visions
Works by
The artists include Sarah Elise Abramson, Laura Aguilar, Phoebe Barnum, Judith Blahnik, Delora Bertsch, Paul Carmichael, Elizabeth Casuaga, Annette Ciketic, Ann Cleaves, Lynn Doran, Beth Elliot, Susan Erikson-Hawkins, Anna Erneholm, Mary Fernety, Kelly Flynn, Logan Fox, Candice Gawne, Adam Gaxiola, Patrick Grugan, Stuart Hamilton, Dennis Keeley, Yoon Jin Kim, Roy Kunisaki, Hyung Mo Lee, Andrea Lien, Betsey Lohrer-Hall, Terry Long, Vanessa Madrid, Gil Mares, Karena Massengil, Timothy Maxeiner, Wendy Milner-Calloway, Frank Minuto, Kimiko Miyoshi, Jon Nakamura, Lowell Nickel, Roxanne Norman, Perry Okimoto, Muriel Olgiun, Da Aie Park, Elyse Pignolet, Susan Rawcliffe, Greg Rose, Lucinda Rudolf, Ailene Yayoi Shibata, Fran Siegel, Kajsa Sjodin, Jesse Small, Ian Song, Angelica Sotiriou, Hans Tegebo, Patrick Tierney, Nancy Vogeli-Curran, Mike Watt, Joyce Weiss, Deborah Wright, Etienne Zack, and Edie Zelon-Estrada
Sarah Elise Abramson, Stick a Needle in My Eye, 2015. Beading, digital print on fabric, 15.5 x 17.5 inches. Photo courtesy of the artist.

The 11 buildings of Fort McArthur that have become Angels Gate Cultural Center are cherished by a wide range of artists who have been able to find sanctuary for their practices within the historic walls. The exhibition attests to the range of artistic expression that AGCC has fostered. On display are works from poets and punk rockers, filmmakers and thespians. Teaching artists who often work to give the spotlight to their students are able to step into it themselves and showcase their own work in the context of the gallery. Sound sculpture, books, and decorative artisanal craft enter into conversation with painting, photography and mixed media wall works.

Thematic threads emerge to weave together this collection. The uniquely beautiful campus of Angels Gate Cultural Center itself serves as a uniting source of inspiration; demonstrated by work that ranges from oil paintings of the stunning view of Catalina Island, a history of the adjacent Gaffey Street pool, and a dreamy postcard style rendering of its landmark flagpole. The ocean view yields inspiration to artists working with everything to the formal and abstract potential of beachtrash, the painterly possibilities of capturing waves, and ruminations on the architecture of the port. The cultural landscape and the diversity of San Pedro also play a prominent role in making connections between artists.

As the title implies, it will be a convergence of prophetic voices from the past and present. The work delivers messages of awakening; shining light on issues ranging from the local to the international.