Yoon Jin Kim

Photo by Jose Cordon.

Yoon Jin Kim (b. 1948 Seoul, Korea) is a Los Angeles based painter. She studied at the University of Hartford in Connecticut (1971-73) before earning her MFA (1979) from Seoul National University. In 1996, she rented a studio at Angels Gate Cultural Center where she could see Santa Catalina Island in its entirety. Realizing that she was Catalina because of her baptismal name, she began to paint the island. In 2002, she left Angels Gate Cultural Center and moved to 7th street artist’s loft in downtown San Pedro. There, she kept her studio open on almost every 1st Thursday Art Walk for 10 years. In 2014 she returned to Angels Gate Cultural Center to paint her beloved “Catalina”. Experimenting with colors and brushes, she finds and expresses the meaning of existence that is shaped through relationships by seeking the dimension that arrives through connecting all beings. By doing this, she hopes to better understand all things seen and unseen, as well as understand herself as an element interacting with other parts of the whole. She has had ten times of solo-exhibitions and participated in over 105 group exhibitions since 1975 in Seoul & Pusan, Korea, Osaka, Japan and Los Angeles, California.