W.S. Milner

W.S. Milner's Art is born out of a fascination with ancient history and the desire to immerse herself in myth and legend through the creation of contemporary artifacts.

Photo Jose Cordon

W.S. Milner is a firm believer in the importance of the re-telling and re-interpretation of the oldest stories. Fashioned through modeling, layering, carving, and sanding, Milner’s objects have a patina evocative of once buried ceremonial relic. “Perhaps it was recently unearthed in a sub-basement of a forgotten temple or church, or represents an icon from some unknown cult.  Maybe it was found in a midden pile, or on an altar of sacrifices.” Milner is a multi-disciplinarian who’s worked as a theater costume and set designer, scenic artist, television art director, exhibition designer, and writer. In 2001 Warner Books published her novel, In Translation, which chronicles the parallel journey of two travelers set eight hundred years apart. Milner’s fascination with medieval art, mythology, and curiosities continue to be the subject of her stories as well as inspiration for her art.