Shantel Ureña

Ms. Shantel or Ms.S
Hi everyone! My name is Shantel and I am a Dance Artist. I’ve trained in both classical and street dance styles like Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Salsa, House and Popping. I believe in the power of knowing your history and expressing your true self!

Fun Facts

1. I battle in the underground street dance scene in Los Angeles 2. I make amazing arepas and tostones 3. I’m also a filmmaker and created a short film called "generational wealth"

About my art

I learned from my family first! I first learned Salsa and Merengue from my grandparents then competed in national competitions in high school. Later, I moved from Florida to Los Angeles to be a professional dancer. Since living in LA, I’ve traveled because of dance and met some amazing artists and people.