Nancy Voegeli-Curran

My abstract sculptures, drawings, and paintings are derived from chance events and forces found in the natural world. A vortex, a tangle of unruly vines, water carving its own path through rocks all provide a framework with which to explore process and materiality.

Spill, det. 1, 2022 Photo Credit Gene Ogami

Mixed media abstract forms map not only a visual space but a psychological and emotional space as well. They refer to our complex and tenuous relationship with the natural world at present and its overall fragility.

As a parallel to the ever-shifting flux of the natural world, I work with materials that are fluid, malleable, and unstable.  While line has always been an important element in my work, in recent sculptures, it now holds equal importance to the overall form becoming a hybridity of drawing and sculpture, blurring the boundaries between two and three dimensional form as well as representation and abstraction.

Voegeli-Curran earned her MFA in drawing and painting from California State University, Long Beach. Her work has been exhibited in the Los Angeles area, nationally and internationally and has been collected by CSULB and in private homes.