Michelle Seo

An experience brings me a lot of information to process. By the time the registration is complete it transforms into an eccentric and sensual moment. I draw upon this moment in my work to make impressions of what I can remember.

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My watercolor paintings are my memories’ impressions. They take on a nonlinear collage-like landscape full of heavy traditional Korean DanCheong patterning, animal symbolism, and caricatures.

My ceramics are visual interpretations of my sensibility towards my experiences, which is dictated heavily by the dichotomy of my Korean cultural background and my American upbringing. They take on forms informed by Korean traditional wares that are ambiguously warped in their contours. Furthering the gap between tradition and my interpretation is the surface treatment—underglaze patterned painting and brightly colored glazes.

I feel my harbored memories disappearing every day. A moment’s peculiarity, the strength of its impression, the evoked feelings all leaves me sooner or later. My work is my act of commemoration. A nod to the past, a thankfulness to the present, and a reminder to the future.