Soft Chick

Soft Chick, a Long Beach-based artist, combines joy and community into their eclectic creations. From painting and clay work to animations and illustrations, their work reflects a bright world shaped by personal experiences. They aim to prioritize accessibility through their playful and bold lines, often incorporating cartoonish elements, making imagery easily approachable. When not lost in their art, Soft Chick finds enjoyment in creating music with friends!

Smeared Bits, 2023. Acrylic and oil pastel on paper, 11x14 inches. Image Courtesy of Slanguage Studio.

Soft Chick is a LatinX and Cambodian American artist who co-founded Restore Native Wetlands in 2022, introducing site-specific augmented reality encounters to the wetlands of Long Beach, CA. This shared exploratory experience aims to engage the community in the restoration of urban wetlands, while showcasing the works of local artists and centering the cultural significance of the lands, stewarded by indigenous cultures for millennia.
Soft Chick received their BA in Human Development, and participated in a summer residency program at Slanguage Studio under Mario Ybarra Jr. They have also been featured in the anthology “Knowing Our Joy: Stories of Southeast Asian Diaspora Elders” and served as a featured artist of Community Corners Project, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies and in collaboration with the Arts Council of Long Beach. Recent exhibitions at Long Beach Museum of Art, Open Gallery, Billie Jean King Main Library, and ArtShare Los Angeles.