Marco Schindelmann

"Art is the trampoline at the bottom of the abyss."


“I’ve moved through life as an “artsy-ist” & feral jester, a part-time death doula & moirologist, and as various histrio’nyms, (preferred pronouns: according to code/context/comfort).

I appropriate arts practice itself. My art’oiserie moves towards promoting imperfection and ordinariness into the afterlife, where perfection can NOT be attained, unless endpoint is reached. But in the meantime, where the everlasting present and its imperfections are attained, until self- reflexively perfect.

My aspiration is to participate in things that are useless and of no interest to Humanity by allowing things to express their consciousnesses and exercise their own ontologies, unfettered and without objectification.

Go, literati aesthetics!!!

Hail, non-anthropocentric humanism!!!

Hurray for post-modern performance art’s in-your-face incompetence!!!”

Professor Emeritus, Marco has performed, has presented, has published, and has recorded (Beijing, Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Yogyakarta, Newfoundland, MIT Computer Music Journal, Centaur Records, New World Records, IMPRNTBL et al.).