Henry Krusoe

My art seeks to facilitate encounters with strange images. To this end, I create pieces that utilize video projection, sculptural relief, and the interplay between these two techniques. Both mediums play with the phantasmagoric; they create illusions that an image or presence is really there when in fact it is not.

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5 Sons and Daughters Still 8, Photo courtesy of the artist.

The images I create with projected light are brittle; they disappear when someone blocks the projector beam or turns on the lights. Reliefs raise or sink portions of their surface to come closer to a more honest, three-dimensional existence which they cannot fully embody. The coexistence of the projector alongside a work of art, the inescapable one-sided-ness of relief, creates the impression of an imperfect attempt to appear before the viewer. The work of art is trying its best to be here with you.

I usually work in a figurative mode, trying to conjure image of something even if that something cannot easily be given a name.

What relevance do these apparitions have for Americans trying to make their way through the terrible possibilities of  a new decade? Are my images as real as these dark prospects? What do they look like? What do they want to tell us?  That is what I am attempting to discover.

Henry Krusoe received a BFA in Studio Art and Philosophy from Vassar College in 2018 before joining Angels Gate Cultural Center as a resident artist in 2019.