Gloria Gem Sanchez

Miss Gloria
Hello Relatives! My name is Gloria and I am an interdisciplinary artist. That means I work with several materials to tell stories - some found in art or craft stores, some from thrift stores, and some from nature. I use items like fabric, yarn, paint, paper, photos, snake skin, Hojas de maiz, and even hair to make sculptural art!

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about me are that I love pickles, bird watching, and the peanuts gang- especially Snoopy and Woodstock.

About my art

I first learned how to become an artist from my Papá. He was a photographer and encouraged us to be curious, creative kids. I also learned from many teachers- starting in high school with drawing, sculpture, and photography class. I went to community college to study more art, and then I went to Cal State Long Beach to study Drawing and Painting where I met so many wonderful artist friends. I also learned a lot from local artists mentors in my community of Wilmington. I share my art in galleries across Los Angeles and orange county, as well as public spaces that are outdoors. I also share art on the internet.