Edmond Maloney

Edmond Maloney is Los Angeles-based artist with a BA in Painting from CSDHU. Maloney has maintained a studio at Angels Gate Cultural Center since 2015. Maloney primarily works in drawing and painting, but has participated in the last three soundpedro exhibits.

Edmond Maloney. Suburban Food Group of the Mid Century. 18 x 18. Acrylic on canvas. Shown in Local Notions at Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro 2019. Photo_ Edmond Maloney

I was born in Los Angeles California in 1957 and was greatly influenced by the culture of the southland growing up. Hot rods, surfing, television, and music of the sixty’s and seventy’s had a profound effect on me. When I discovered Pop Art as a youngster I saw it as a way to channel my creativity to incorporate the images and ideas around me.  Artists such as Jim Dine, Edward Ruscha and James Rosenquest guided my creative output. From them I’ve been working to develop my own style but see much of their work in my own.

I have worked in oil paint, ink and graphite drawing, sculpture and film-all of these and will continue to work with them. But my main focus while at Angels Gate is to develop my recent series of object field study paintings