Cheryl Groff

“Life is short and I want to capture every stage of it, from the first moments in the mama’s belly, to the first breath after birth, to even those moments nearing the end of life. I am drawn to capturing connection and moments rather than poses.”

Cheryl Groff is a local documentary and portrait photographer here in San Pedro. When’s she not photographing the local underground music scene, she’s taking photos of the youngest of young and is recently starting a series of photographing elderly subjects as well. Some of her subjects are just days old or still in the womb. On the side, Cheryl donates her time to a Non-Profit called “The Magic Hour” where she photographs people and families that are battling cancer. She also prints her photographs in different mediums, her favorite being cotton poplin, which is then turned into photo embroidery art, which is often embroidered over with thin thread to add texture and details. Her photo embroideries have been featured in Range Finder Magazine and Huffington Post.