STIRpad | January 10, 2022

Located at Angels Gate Cultural Center overlooking the Port of Los Angeles, ‘Portals’ is supported by the Port of Los Angeles Community Investment Program and the Pasadena Art Alliance. The exhibition reflects on the transformative nature of passageways with the Port of Los Angeles as a relevant foil. It contemplates ideas of boundaries, entrance and egress, progress, and travel into the unknown.“Portals – doorways and interdimensional gateways – have been a point of fascination for as long as humans have been telling storiesThe work that the artists create in Portals explores gateways as facilitators of human growth and inspires change within us,” shares Stephanie Sherwood, Curator of the exhibition.

Portals showcases several mixed media works including tapestries, drawing, neon sculpture, resin and site-specific installation among others, by nine contemporary artists. The exhibition gives the viewers a chance to look experimentally at the artist’s works that speak to the nature of these life-altering gateways.

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