Wake at the Gate – October 22

Save the Date! October 22, 2016

Before Halloween and Day of the Dead, Angels Gate Cultural Center will host a wacky, tongue-in-cheek Victorian Wake themed fundraiser to support the arts and keep our buildings standing! Join a cast of artists and arts advocates for a fun, gothic celebration of life and joie de vivre, unlike any other fundraiser you’ve seen!

Activities include:

  • Getting your Victorian death photo taken now while you still look good, with props!
  • Writing your own epitaph or obituary on our Obit Wall
  • Drinking spirits to honor the spirits
  • Sampling wake food from different cultures
  • Bidding on original (and never before exhibited) art
  • Bidding on pieces of our Exquisite Corpse Project

Help support our community, which gives the arts and other programs back to you!

Click here for tickets for the event.

Go to our Facebook Event page.

Taken and inspired by Edward Gorey.

Lighting provided by:

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