5/18/19 Saturday 6-9pm
Performances by Ever Velasquez, Cindy Vallejo, Marlene Tafoya, Primal Element, and a Full Moon Ceremonia facilitated by Muxeres Unidas to close the night.

Ever Velasquez’s “Banos” incorporates her healing, curandera work and will take place outside of the gallery. Both Cindy Vallejo’s performance “Tierra Somos” and Marlene Tafoya’s “Tiles of Slavery” work deal with bodies/identities in connection to culture and the land.

About “Tierra Somos” Vallejo writes: “We are the keepers of our land, culture, and self.

During the duration of “Tierra Somos,” ladrillos de barro (mud brick) will be stacked to create a base for a display of plantas medicinales (medicinal plants) specifically diente de leon ( dandelion) and cola de caballo (horsetail).The performance will underline the importance of nurturement of land and self, serving as a reminder to foster growth in one another.”

“Tiles of Slavery” will also deal with a form of earth. Spanish style adobe tiles that were historically connected to the California Mission system of native genocide will be used to illustrate the labor of California Native peoples to build up the missions/churches through slave labor. In this presentation Tafoya will illustrate an act of slavery by placing roof tiles over their thighs to demonstrate the physicality of creating a roof tile. It is said that this method of creating roof tiles is a myth but the physical bodies of women and children were and are still used in every aspect of colonization. Her niece Serene will assist her in breaking these tiles as she sits. This physical act of breaking the tiles over her thighs will represent a statement of decolonization and echo the historical violence towards Native People. She deliberately involves her own niece as a symbol of healing intergenerational trauma, as they both come from a Dine’ (Navajo) lineage.

Primal Element–the fire ceremony group led by FA4 Member Ciana Lee–will do a performance with various fire spinning tools. She practices this art form as a connection to her Hawaiian ancestral roots.

Muxeres Unidas (Wilmington, CA) will facilitate the full moon ceremonia for the public that honors Mexica (Aztec) cultural practices, spirituality, and cosmology. The ceremonia consists of opening prayer, cleansing/smudging with copal/sage, call to the 6 directions (north/south/east/west/skies/earth), songs with drums/ percussive instruments, and closing prayers. We want to share this practice as a symbol/act of decolonization, reclaiming aspects of our culture in a mindful way to connect to our ancestors.

6/15/19 – Saturday 2-4 Artist Talk/Panel
We will have a short Q&A with the artists in the show and focus in on specifics of process, contexts, and connections to society/politics/healing.