Upcoming Workshops

Opening January 18th 2020, the exhibition Bridging San Pedro: Visual Literacy as Community Practice is focused on the development of visual literacy in San Pedro community members through hands on making and deep listening exercises. Four artists with singular, but intersecting, art projects will work at Angels Gate Cultural Center (AGCC) to foster a greater awareness and association between the Port of Los Angeles, life in San Pedro and art as a daily lived experience. Each artist will lead free workshops during which members of the community will create elements that will be used to compose the final art piece. These projects will culminate in an exhibition, curated by Jill Moniz, in the AGCC galleries during the first quarter of 2020.
This project is supported, in part, by the Port of Los Angeles through the Community Investment Grant Program.


Non-linear Storytelling or Just Telling Stories Differently – with artist Cole M James
Cole M James’s most recent and ongoing project “Rue” investigates the unknowns between the artist and the healing practices of our ancestors. We would like to invite you to contribute to a community altar one 5×7 picture of something that ties you to your ancestors, friendship, community, San Pedro history or connections you wish you possessed.

Image submissions for the altar can be dropped off at the AGCC office in Building A, Monday – Saturday 10am-4pm, through November 1st.

Extending Rue’s reach, image contributions will become part of the altar created by Cole M James and exhibited at the upcoming exhibition Bridging San Pedro: Visual Literacy as Community Practice, here at AGCC.

Event 2:
Maritime Identity Flags – with artist June Edmonds 10/5, 10/26 – 3-6pm (Building G), 11/2 (Building F):
Maritime Flags are hung on boats to alert and share information from ship to ship. These flags often designate where the ship is from, whether or not it’s friendly, and can even communicate its cargo.

Our workshop poses the question: Wouldn’t it be useful to communicate, from afar, a clear identity or state if you so choose? Maybe a flag will be the introduction most important to you or maybe it will draw attention from a stereotype. This workshop welcomes people of all ages to invent their own symbols and create flags inspired by International Maritime Flags. All materials will be provided.

Event 3:
Fathom – with artist Blue McRight 11/9, 11/23, 12/14 – 3-5pm (Building G):
Blue McRight’s artwork focuses on water, especially the ocean. Join Blue in creating suspended vertical sculptures that address projected sea level rise and the urgent problem of ocean plastic, utilizing simple techniques such as knotting, twisting, and looping using rope, nets, and salvaged ocean plastic collected and donated by South Bay community members including Captain Charles Moore, the Surfrider Foundation, and the Glove Boat.

How will we fathom, or understand, these issues? “Fathom” also can mean the span of your outstretched arms. In a series of three workshops, we will explore ideas about understanding and measuring by creating our own “personal fathoms”, resulting in a group of artworks that are related, but unique to each maker. All Fathoms made in workshops will be exhibited as an installation at Bridging San Pedro, suspended from the gallery ceiling with the tops of every sculpture at 66”: the projected future sea level rise at Los Angeles Harbor.

Event 4:
Like the Ocean – with artist Alexis Slickelman 10/5, 10/26, 11/9 – 3-5pm (Building F):
Build an ocean tile by tile in a workshop with ceramic artist Alexis Slickelman. Participants will paint hand cut tiles with a variety of green and blue glazes that will be provided by the artist. Harness the power of making and collaborating with the community to create enough tiles for an 8’ x 10’ mural, representative of both the diversity of the San Pedro community and the uniting force of the Port. During the workshop, share your ocean and San Pedro stories with other participants and the artist.