Curatorial Takeover 2019

April 13- June 22nd

QUE GANAS DE EXISTIR by FA4 Collective, a group of primarily CSULB BFA graduates.

This group will showcase work that confronts current issues of anti-immigration and xenophobic policies facing our community.  The collective brings opportunities for co-creative spaces to diverse groups of artists that are both relatable and educational, imparting multicultural perspectives along the way.  This exhibition will include multimedia, video, and interactive artwork through our upstairs galleries.

Concurrently, our downstairs gallery will once again showcase artwork from our Artists-in-Classrooms program and the 2019 iteration of SoundPedro.


July 13th-September 23rd

Marcia Moore, an educator and artist, curates On the Brink, a showcase of two powerful artists “on the brink” of their careers.  In this juxtaposition, Moore asks what incites the creation of their work and why the personal is so compelling.

While On the Brink is featured in AGCC’s upstairs gallery, in the downstairs gallery Todo en ti fue naufragio, curated by Jared Baxter, will be a group exhibition organized around the central metaphor of a shipwreck.


October 19th-December 21st

One Another, a show by curators Amy Marie Slocum, Aaron Levi Garvey, and Brooke Kumar. This exhibition will explore the idea of language and storytelling as a tool.  Beyond a chronicling of histories, storytelling is a vessel for memoir, folklore, and propaganda—both fact and fiction.