Summer at the Gate

There’s a lot going on this summer at Angels Gate Cultural Center! Here’s a list of upcoming gallery openings, performances, and workshops:

June 18, 2-5 pm

Residency: Association of Hysteric Curators (AHC)

Opening: AHC presents “Coming to the Table”

Performances: Siobhan Hebron, Thinh Nguyen, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Linda Ravenswood, Cindy Rehm

Workshop: Meg Madison

June 25, 1-4 pm

Workshops: AHC presents Carolyn Castaño “Other Feminist Histories” and Lili Berbard “Silent No More”

July 1, 12-5 pm

Closing: “Arc” by Andy J. Brown, “Battlefield of Flowers” by Benjy Russell

July 16, 1-4 pm

Opening: “Permeate” by Meeson Yang in Main Galleries 1 + 2

Workshops: AHC presents “40 Famous Women” with Marjan K. Vayghan + Meg Madison, “Safe Space” with Rachel Finkelstein + Sacha Finn, and “Project About Family” with Kim Russo

July 23, 2-4 pm

Artist Talk: Michael Parker on “The Ides (arch du triumph)”

Current: LA Water Biennial Installation at Point Fermin

July 29 – August 13

Residency: Bob Dilworth – presented with Marymount California University

Workshops: TBA

August 4, 6-9 pm

Opening: Bob Dilworth + Studio Artists (Pop-Up Gallery – San Pedro First Thursdays Art Walk)

August 21, 12-5 pm

Closing Celebration: “Coming to the Table” and “Permeate”

Workshops: AHC presents “Uncommon Curriculum” with Mary Anna + Allison Stewart, “Touchstones” with Cathy Salser


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