soundpedro – June 2

June 2, 2018 – 7 pm to 11 pm

This 2nd soundpedro event, highlighting ear-oriented art, will showcase single- and multi- media artworks that investigate the way we perceive and experience. It is produced, in partnership with Angels Gate Cultural Center, by FLOOD who for 10 years brought SoundWalk to Long Beach.

After the final SoundWalk in 2013, sound artists throughout the region bemoaned the loss of a high-profile niche event that introduced mainstream communities to an art form frequently relegated to the margins. Last year, Amy Eriksen, Executive Director of Angels Gate Cultural Center, a venue with a history of presenting sound work, collaborated with FLOOD to introduce an event similar to SoundWalk. “Last year’s event was so well received that we have decided to make soundpedro an annual happening. The Angels Gate Community is happy to make available a unique hill top venue for sound artists to present and play,” says Ms.Eriksen.

soundpedro at Angels Gate Cultural Center will host artists whose work addresses sound and aural perception through a variety of media.

Participating Artists include:

Glenn Bach, Phoebe Barnum, Dillon Bastan, Pablo Bert, Terry Braunstein & Corrado Gong, Brian and Ryan, Faraday Cage, David R. Casey, Rychard Cooper, David.Hedden, The Dirty Chaps, Martin Espino & William Almas, Francene Kaplan, Wolf Gowin Tom Zear, The Laptop Collective, Jorge Martin – Sound Shoppe, Jesse Nason, Lowell Nickel, phog masheeen, Tom Peters, the2vvo, Tom Pine, QRUX, Radio Machine Magazine, Frank Rodriguez, Som Shankar, Susan Rawcliffe, Steven Speciale, univac,, Angela Willcocks, Zzyzxyzz, CSULB New Music Ensemble, and Alan Shockley.


The artist group FLOOD has been working together on projects for the last nineteen years. FLOOD is interested in testing the limits of artistic expression through collaboration and experimentation within a variety of artistic genres. In partnership with: Arts Council of Long Beach.

About Angels Gate Cultural Center

Angels Gate Cultural Center provides space for artists to work and to engage community through arts education, exhibitions of contemporary art, and cultural events.  Angels Gate Cultural Center is open to the public, Monday through Friday 10 am to 5pm and Saturday 1pm to 6pm.  Admission is always free.

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