W. S. Milner

W.S. Milner is interested in the intersection of art and story. Her artwork is based on medieval and ancient imagery found in manuscripts, sculptures, frescos, and archaeological digs. Milner is drawn to magical reality and myth. She creates handheld diptychs and panels that her audience encounters on an intimate basis. Her work looks as if it is a fragment of a pre-existing whole, and might have been unearthed in the basement of an ancient shrine. Her pieces imply story and are usually accompanied by descriptive explanations and titles. Her work is directly informed by historical artifact and the methods of displaying artifact. “I think of my work as a sort of translation — in the original medieval definition of the word, which described the act of moving a saint’s bones — because ancient things still embody the essence of something crucial. They’re reminders that we’re all part of a very old story.”

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Contact: W.S. Milner
Email: wsmilner@aol.com