Stuart Hamilton

The following was written by Alex Fraser, and is taken from the press release for Stuart Hamilton’s solo show, “Sticks and Stones” at the Teasmith Gallery, London, England – February, 2010: “His work has always been a meticulously executed expression of his environment, the natural world and his own personal history. This intimate show is of images of orderly arrangements of sticks and stones, including small acrylic paintings and drawings in either graphite or ink. The apparent banality of the subject matter is elevated by the dedicated, time-consuming, precision of execution which manifests Hamilton’s deep commitment to transforming the mundane into the almost spiritual. The work has a deceptive zen-like simplicity which is unpretentious and captivating.”

The following was written by Stuart Hamilton as a statement to accompany his solo show at Gallery 97, Encinitas, CA – July, 2009: “We live in a world bombarded by an ever-increasing flood of visual stimuli. With such an overwhelming quantity of images, I feel there is a serious risk of developing an insensitivity to the simple objects that surround us. I see my artwork as a retreat to a more contemplative place, and have chosen to focus on the beauty of the small and unspectacular from the world around me. Many of the sticks and stones depicted relate to specific times or locations, and are part of my personal history.”

I am currently working on a series of paintings of natural objects produced on topographical maps from England and the U.S.

Born in Manchester, England. Currently lives in San Pedro, CA. Educated: (undergraduate) in several colleges in England. M.F.A. Claremont Graduate School, CA

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Phone: 310-617-6103
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