Paul Carmichael

Paul Carmichael is an artist whose works are mixed media arts. He graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills in 1976 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Minor in Art History. In 1979, Mr. Carmichael was a founding member of L.A. Artcore and was on the Board of Directors alongside Lydia Takeshita. Mr. Carmichael has also held a studio at Angels Gate Cultural Center and served on the Board of Directors for a number of years. Having recently returned to Angels Gate Cultural Center, he continues his fine art practice. Mr. Carmichael has exhibited extensively both in one man and group shows from 1979 to the present day.

From 1976 to 2006, Mr. Carmichael was a teacher with the Adult School Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District, having since retired from teaching, Mr. Carmichael continues to teach private art classes and senior exercise to this day.

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