Nancy Voegeli-Curran

Nancy Voegeli-Curran’s artistic practice focuses on the duality between chance and intention. Her sculptures, drawings, and paintings explore process and materiality through the lens of the natural world.

Through interweaving multi-layered structures, she creates micro and macrocosms that resemble earthbound or celestial forces and events such as water carving through rocks or a vortex in the atmosphere. Her studio practice has been influenced by living in the northwest for several years and by subsequent travels to old growth redwood forests and Alaska where dynamic forces combined with an overall sense of vastness are evident.

Voegeli-Curran earned an MFA degree in Drawing and Painting from California State University, Long Beach. She has also studied art in Florence, Italy, at Anderson Ranch Art Center, CO. Her work has been exhibited in the Los Angeles area, nationally, and internationally including the Arts in Embassies program in Wellington, New Zealand and has been collected by CSULB and in private homes.

Contact: Nancy Voegeli-Curran