Logan Fox

Former AGCC Studio Artist
The son of missionary parents, Logan L. Fox was born in Japan and raised in the country town of Omika – in Ibaraki Prefecture.
At an early age, Logan began to draw pictures for untold hours everyday – so much so that his father hired a Japanese Fine Artist to tutor him. His teacher saw in him great promise.
At the age of 12, Logan moved with his family to Los Angeles where he continued to draw. Increasingly, he chose the human form as subject matter and showed a particular talent for portraiture.
In his late teens, Logan decided to concentrate on experiencing life. He played in rock bands, worked as a ranch hand, and for a while lived on the Picuris Pueblo Indian reservation in New Mexico where he is still remembered today.
In 1969 he was drafted and did a stint in Vietnam. When his artistic skill became known, however, his primary activity for the military became drawing portraits for the officers.
In his late 20’s Logan began to teach himself to paint. He studied books on his favorite painter, Cezanne, for seven years – painting every day.
When he was 35 he moved to the state of Washington where he attended college – majoring in studio art and earning a BA degree. During this time he also received a grant funded by the Washington State Arts Commission and the NEA.
In 1997, Logan returned to L.A. where he completed his Masters Degree in painting and performance art.
Logan currently exhibits his paintings and performs his artistic visions in the L.A. area as well as doing portraits, working as a teacher for the LAUSD and as a private tutor in select small classes with individualized attention.
For Logan, painting is a necessity, “It’s the only time I feel at home in this world. It’s not how or what I paint, it’s whether or not I can make something come to life, as an entity unto itself.”

Contact: Logan Fox
Phone: 310-548-0941