Kimiko Miyoshi

Former AGCC Studio Artist

I admire the physicist who spends a great amount of time proving mathematically that one would make exactly the same amount of noise unwrapping a candy bar in a darkened theater whether one does it fast or slow. I am attracted to phenomena that are seemingly too absurd to be taken seriously or too ordinary to be noticed. I am drawn to trivial and forgotten objects.

My choice of subject matter relates to my own existential perception. As I often feel rather powerless and invisible in contemporary society, these forgotten objects seem to be ciphers for a state of being akin to mine. The moment one acknowledges the presence of something, a notion of its meaning begins. It becomes visible. I practice my own desire to be visible by focusing my sympathy towards trivial things. In other words, I am metaphorically challenging the hierarchy of things and their socially assigned values. The focus of my work has been to transform insignificant objects into something beautiful, to invoke a renewed curiosity in the viewer, and to provide a perpetual amusement in the viewer’s life.