Dennis Keeley

“In his book,”Photography, A Very Short Introduction,” the author, Steve
Edwards complains that photography runs in all directions, permeating
diverse aspects of society. He also states that, “Trying to account for
photography as a whole is akin to a history, or a museum of writing: it is
best shown by the uses in the institutions or tasks in which it was put to
In the 80’s and 90’s the music industry supported a remarkable variety of
music and image production. Cultural shifting plus advances in technology
invited interesting experimentations in package design, and a celebration
of the creation of iconic photographs. The industry’s use of pictures as
accompaniment to the music, made for an incredibly rich and creative
atmosphere for artists and image makers. I think the pictures that I made
invited people to enjoy a layered and imaginative visual story that was
always somewhat mysteriously inspired by the music. While every story was
different, every image always had a story.”