Da Aie Park

My work is based in minimalism; I am interested in the reaction of pigments on a surface. With my visceral choice of colors, I apply water-based pigments to various substrates, from illustration board to canvas to wooden panel. Then through the actions of my body as I shake, tilt, and manipulate the liquid pigments, effects emerge from the substrate surface which takes the pigments at varying levels of intensity. My gestural actions, the water-flow on the surface and climatic conditions all effect outcomes of various color intensities. The surface is treated with scrapes, pooled liquids, and pigment-free areas where colors have been resisted.

Over the years, my experimentation has shifted toward minimal expression, allowing the pure brilliance of color to speak for itself. I intuitively allow colors to guide me as I react physically to their harmonies and contrasts. Recently I have begun experimenting with contrasting panels set together to see the results of juxtaposed segments. From color scheme to color-field, out of all the traditional elements in art color is my primary motivation in my work as well as a finished pictorial element. I endeavor as an artist to capture the right moments of color, deepening the meaning of itself whether it is calm, transient or an atmospheric sensation. These intimate and humble experiences on a pictorial plane evolve into spontaneous phenomena.

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Phone: 310-809-6484
Email: daaiepark@hotmail.com
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