Anna Erneholm

Anna Erneholm’s sculptures are intuitive, expressive and tactile. They are created in a process without words. It is all about seeing, feeling and touching. The sculptures are made in a continuum over the last few years. Although the materials and forms have changed over time, just as the place of creation has altered between Sweden and San Pedro, they all follow a conscious search for new expressions of form. The sculptures are made in materials such as Swedish granite, black diabase stone, marble, ebony, elm wood and bronze.

Anna Erneholm grew up on the island of Tjörn on the west coast of Sweden. The massive bare granite rocks of her childhood landscape have had a crucial impact on her artistic language. Anna has lived in San Pedro for the last six years, but travels back to Sweden in the summer to keep shaping the hard granite rocks. Her favorite place in Southern California is the Joshua Tree National Park, where the extremely sculptural rocks are great source of inspiration for her.

Anna Erneholm creates her sculptures at her studio at the Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro. To visit, please contact the artist through email or phone.

Contact: Anna Erneholm
Phone: 310-293-3474
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