Todo en ti fue naufragio


Angels Gate Cultural Center will bring together two curators for the third quarter of 2019’s Curatorial Takeover with an opening reception on July 13th. Marcia Moore’s On the Brink will be featured in the downstairs gallery in Building A, while Jared Baxter’s Todo en ti fue naufragio will be featured upstairs.

Todo en ti fue naufragio, Jared Baxter

A group exhibition curated by Jared Baxter, Todo en ti fue naufragio will be presented in the upstairs galleries at Angels Gate Cultural Center coinciding with Moore’s show downstairs. Taking its title from a line from a Pablo Neruda poem, which literally translates to “everything about you was shipwreck,” the show will examine both literal and figurative vessels, and their relationship to rupture and remembrance, disaster and struggle. Featuring new and previously-exhibited works by a range of LA-based, national, and international artists, the artworks on display reveal narratives of life and death on the water, allowing for reflection on the cataclysm of the present moment, as a kind of siren song and prophetic mourning.

The artists featured in this exhibition include:
Sarah Cain, The Distance Plan with Oliver Kellhammer, Greg Lindquist, K. Flint, and Gabriela Salazar, Patricia Fernández, Liz Glynn, Amy Howden-Chapman, Olga Koumoundouros, Karen Lofgren, Matana Roberts.

Both exhibitions run through September 21st. Join us on July 13th in the Angels Gate Cultural Center galleries for the opening reception from 12pm to 4pm.

Shown: Patricia Fernández titled “Box (a proposition for ten years)”, detail