Angels Gate Cultural Center is pleased to present Permeate; a solo exhibition by Meeson Pae Yang. To permeate implies influence. Whether it be ink permeating the surface of water and generating blooms of color, or an idea permeating a field and changing history, the verb suggests the transformative power of a single spark. Yang’s work is about permeation on multiple levels. In her artistic practice, her understanding of multiple mediums permeate each other, culminating in an immersive environment that include video, sculpture, painting and installation. Her inspiration draws on the permeation of different systems, using various natural and technically derived patterns to explore how we experience our surrounding environment.

Yang enlarges microscopic imagery and uses repetition to create abstractions that obscure her source material. The resulting effect creates an uncanny environment, seemingly familiar yet otherworldly. Projections and oscillating fans create subtle shifts drawing viewers into the world of the show. Over the course of the exhibition, the sculptural organisms with spread, addressing tensions between the animate and inanimate, growth and sprawl. Polarities Yang addresses in her work include opacity and translucence, fluidity and concreteness, Eastern and Western ideals.

Meeson Pae Yang was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently lives and works in San Pedro, CA. She received her BFA in 2002 from the University of California Los Angeles. Solo exhibitions and projects have been shown internationally and nationally at Galerie Kashya Hildebrand (Zurich, Switzerland), ArtHK (Hong Kong, China), ARCO (Madrid, Spain), Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey), Art Stage Singapore (Singapore), LAUNCHLA (Los Angeles, CA), and Blythe Projects (Los Angeles, US). Her group exhibitions include FuXin Gallery (Shanghai & Miami), Galerie Agentur 162 (Essen, Germany), Art 1307 (Naples, Italy), Eli Klein Fine Art (New York, NY), Kala Art Institute (Berkeley, CA), and Harvard University’s Carpenter Center (Cambridge, MA). Yang’s works have also been exhibited at the San Francisco Exploratorium Museum, the Torrance Art Museum, and the Japanese American National Museum.

The opening reception will be July 16th from 1pm -4pm in Main Galleries I +II. In the Community Room, Community Gallery and Project Space, the Association of Hysteric Curators will present three free workshops led by artists participating in their exhibition Coming to the Table. Mother and daughter duo Rachel Finklestien + Sacha Finn will lead a workshop about bullying, specifically focusing on LBGTQ youth and children of LBGTQ parents. Kim Russo will be photographing LBGTQ families in a living room inspired environment for her on-going series “Project about Family.” Meg Madison and Marjan K. Vayghan will lead a conversation about forgotten feminist heroes, “40 Famous Women.” Angels Gate Cultural Center is open to the public seven days a week from 10 am to 5 pm and admission is always free.