One Another

October 12-December 13, 2019
Opening reception: October 19
One Another — an exhibition curated by Amy Marie Slocum, Aaron Levi Garvey, and Brooke Kumar — explores the multifaceted concept of language and its cultural weight. Incorporating the work of thirteen artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Miami, One Another tackles how these artists use language as a tool, some by incorporating writing into their work, and others through the development of a visual codex that runs throughout their oeuvre.
As we live in an increasingly divided world and people with opposing points of view aren’t talking to one another and when they are they’re often being misunderstood. Art’s role has always been to initiate and further difficult but necessary conversation and the artists have been at the forefront of most of these conversations. Language is something that unites us however it is increasingly become a point of division — whether it’s minority groups asserting their right to end the use of harmful slurs, or politicians latching onto certain phrases to further their agendas.
While artistic movements like the Impressionists have use brushstrokes to further the conversation of their time, the artists proposed for this exhibition are all working directly with language in one form or another, providing a much needed forum for exploring our primary way of relating to one another.
Artists: Isaac Vazquez Avilia, Nathan Bell, David Bordett, Tommy Coleman, Dustin Harewood, Katie Hargrave, Kiki Johnson Karp, Jillian Mayer, Daniel Newman, Tony Rodrigues, Yoshi Sakai, Cintia Alejandra Segovia, and Kate Sikorski.
About the curators: Amy Marie Slocum is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. Aaron Levi Garvey is an independent curator, museum professional, lecturer and arts consultant, who has worked on a multitude of platforms within the public, private and corporate arts community both nationally and internationally. Brooke Kumar is an arts entrepreneur and co-founder of the One Studio Art x Technology app that allows any artist to share their studios online and collaborate with other creatives, curators, and patrons all around the world.
Image credit:  “History Repeats Itself” by Katie Hargrave.