Fortnight Concert Series Oct 5, Oct 19

The concert venue is a hundred year old access tunnel leading to the Leary Gun Battery. Holding our Fortnight Concerts Series midway through the tunnel avails us to a “uniquely intimate space” that works harmoniously with instruments and vocality.

September 7: Harold Greene will open the concert series, creating music on the fly by playing the Chapman Stick and other instruments, with the aid of a loop pedal and percussion implements.

September 21: Chuck Alvarez, the San Pedro based guitarist/singer/songwriter with roots in blues-rock, will perform with his acoustic trio.

October 5: Fred Schreuders’ Trio holds down the fort with his jazz guitar and storytelling.

October 19: Windy Barnes Farrell who travels the world sharing her gift, will bring the Calvary home with her vocals ranging from Jazz to Pop, to R&B and Gospel.

Performances: 7:30pm -9:30pm
Tickets purchased in advance: $30 per concert. $100 per person for full 4-concert series.
For more information, or to purchase tickets, contact Harold Greene at (310) 918-8566 or Frank Rodriguez at

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