Introduction to Printmaking
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Saturday, February 15, 2020
Introduction to Printmaking
8 Saturdays, 10 am – 1 pm
January 4th – February 22, 2020

$250 Class fee + $25 materials

Nguyen Ly, Instructor

Topics to be covered

  • Monoprinting/Monotype
  • Intaglio process (drypoint).
  • Collagraphy – includes intaglio and relief ways of printing.
  • Image transfer

Introduction to Printmaking Class Outline

Week 1: Introduction and overview of printmaking techniques that will be taught in class. Demo on different ways of making monoprints and montypes with the use of oil pastels, water base crayons, inks, stencils, and image transfer.

Week 2: Begin printing

Week 3: Continue printing

Week 4: Introduction to intaglio process, drypoint. Demo on how to engrave into an acrylic plate by using a variety of tools including etching scribe, electric engraver, dremel, and wood burner.

Week 5: Continue working on drypoint plate. Begin printing plate.

Week 6: Finish printing drypoint plate. Short introduction on collagraphy and materials needed to make a collagraph plate.

Week 7: Work on collagraph plate in class. Demo on ways of printing collagraph plate.

Week 8: Print collagraph plate. Critique of works printed during the quarter.

List of Materials to be purchased by student

Printmaking paper – Stonehenge 22” x 30” or Rives BFK 22” x 30” , a minimum of 10 sheets per student.

Acrylic sheets (plexi) – 9” x 12”
Oil pastels

Materials and equipment in the studio to be used

Etching scribe
Dremel (I have)
Solder (I have)
Electric engraver (I have)
Etching inks
Acrylic sheets (plexi)

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