Classroom Teacher Testimonials, Spring 2018

“I believe [the artistic process] gives students an understanding and perspective in life, whether it be focusing in class or having a better understanding of the beauty around them. It also gives them confidence to be the creator of their own domain.”
—Regina Robsahm, 2nd grade teacher at Gulf Avenue Elementary

“The artistic process increases student vocabulary and ability to think abstractly, which helps in Mathematics.”
—Susan Hadeishi, 3rd grade teacher at Cabrillo Avenue Elementary  

“My students really enjoyed our Monday morning art lessons. They were excited to see how they could use many different tools to create art… It was wonderful to see the connection between Art and Math, and Art and Social Studies… I plan on incorporating the connections made by integrating Art in other areas of the curriculum next school year.”
—Rose Gonsalves, 3rd grade teacher at Webster Elementary

“[Angels Gate’s Artist-Teacher] contributed to the high quality of my students’ educations in a very big way.  Not only is he a master of his craft, and let’s be honest how often do children have access to people who are masters in their craft, but he was a role model for my students… Leland Street STEAM Academy is a much better school because of [Angels Gate’s Artist-Teacher].  He made a huge impact on me…but mostly he impacted all of our 6th grade students to have a voice and that their voice is worth being heard.”
—Chris Miller, 6th grade teacher at Leland Street STEAM Academy

“The kids were always so excited when it was their Art time… My students now realize that anyone can be an artist… The only negative I can think of is that the program ended. I wish it would’ve gone till the end of the school year.”
—Beverly Reinke, 3rd Grade Teacher at Crestwood Street Elementary

“The students always love creating.  They love Art.  I can’t say there was anything they didn’t like about the Artists-in-Classrooms program!”
—Angelica Ortega, 1st Grade Teacher at NEW Academy of Science and Art