“Albatross” Filming Screening – Feb 16

Saturday, February 16th, 5:30pm to 8:00pm

SAN PEDRO — February 2019 — An educational film screening event, ‘SEA PULSE films’ is pleased to present a special documentary film ALBATROSS by Chris Jordan’s – an intimate portrait of these magnificent seabirds on Midway island in the North Pacific Ocean to be shown at Angels Gate Cultural Center in Building H.

“Albatross” takes us on a journey to the Midway Island in the heart of the Pacific where these beautiful birds come to mate and breed. Their babies hatch from their eggs, and the fluffy chicks wait alone for their parents to return from their foraging trips to sea.

However, the joy will been shattered by the tragedy. Chicks are facing a long painful death, bodies filled with plastic trash.

The film evokes a mixed bag of emotions, and delivers a profound message of reverence and renewal. This powerfully moving ‘love story’ may change the way you see everything.

This SEA Pulse films event will comprise the films, including two short films ‘A Mean to an End’ and ‘Sometime Soon’ by Bill Macdonald, dance performances by Vannia Ibarguen (Contemporary) and Kanna Kai Jones (Butoh) to express the messages, and a Q&A, which the audiences can receive the most current information about the subjects.

Unclassified (ALBATROSS is an adult film with strong emotional content, so we recommend it for viewers age 12 and above.)

Albatross the film trailer: https://www.albatrossthefilm.com/

FREE event, no ticket required.

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