• Edie Zelon-Estrada

    Former AGCC Studio Artist My name is Edie Zelon-Estrada and I am a native of California, although my parents came all the way from Poland. I currently live with my wonderful husband Eddie, in San Pedro. I attended Cal State Long Beach and got a B.F.A. in Illustration Art and

  • Eliot Rausch

    Former AGCC Studio Artist Eliot Rausch is a filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. His short documentary Last Minutes With Oden won the Documentary Award and Grand Prize at the 2010 Vimeo Festival + Awards. He has since created films for organizations and brands including The Red Cross, Vans, the Veteran

  • Kajsa Sjodin

    Former AGCC Studio Artist My artwork express my constant traveling thoughts, they connect my past with the present and brings me all possible futures to explore. Contact: Kajsa Sjodin Website: kajsasjodinart.com Email: kajsasjodinart@gmail.com

  • Kelly Flynn

    Former AGCC Studio Artist Kelly Flynn is a Long Beach-based writer/director. He was a founding member and later Artistic Director of The Hunger Artists Theatre Company, one of Orange County’s premier storefront theaters. While with The Hunger Artists, Flynn was known for his off-kilter reconsiderations of the classics, including an

  • Kimiko Miyoshi

    Former AGCC Studio Artist I admire the physicist who spends a great amount of time proving mathematically that one would make exactly the same amount of noise unwrapping a candy bar in a darkened theater whether one does it fast or slow. I am attracted to phenomena that are seemingly

  • Logan Fox

    Former AGCC Studio Artist The son of missionary parents, Logan L. Fox was born in Japan and raised in the country town of Omika – in Ibaraki Prefecture. At an early age, Logan began to draw pictures for untold hours everyday – so much so that his father hired a

  • Marley Freeman

    “Painting is a manner of palimpsest, a battering of layers towards clarity- ‘object-ness.’ Brush as arbiter of form. My goals are in process. They devolve into a spirit of play and love of work.” Drawing on a history with textiles, Marley’s work is a marginal type of abstraction born of

  • Paul Carmichael

    Paul Carmichael is an artist whose works are mixed media arts. He graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills in 1976 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Minor in Art History. In 1979, Mr. Carmichael was a founding member of L.A. Artcore and was on the Board

  • Rique Guzman

    Rique Guzman, a California native, studied art in New York, at the Art Students League of New York. Has worked with such noted artists as Andres Serrano and Jeff Koons. Currently Rique Guzman is exploring new celestial models in mixed mediums. Contact: Rique Guzman Phone: 562-857-1094 Email: riqueguzman@gmail.com Go to

  • Sarah Elise Abramson

    Former AGCC Studio Artist b. 1986, Torrance, CA Lives and Works in San Pedro, CA Sarah Elise Abramson resides at the intersection of poetic and unsettling, creepy and beautiful, subversive and classically Romantic. Her work is ethereal, demonstrating an inquisitive and appreciative love for nature, eccentric characters, and discarded objects

  • Valerie Bechtol

    Former AGCC Studio Artist Valerie Bechtol received her degree in fine art at the American Academy of the Arts in Chicago and the Chicago Art Institute. She subsequently studied mask making with the Sanufo and the Baule tribes of the Ivory Coast in Africa. She also lived in Barcelona Spain

  • Yong Sin

    Former AGCC Studio Artist The simple becomes unexpectedly elaborate; the ordinary metamorphose into distinctiveness. The goal is to create work that is inherently distinctive and belies its repetitiveness. I create nuances to challenge the ideas of identity, and I create just enough expressive variations to the seemingly recurring shapes. www.yongsinarts.com