• Cheryl Groff

    Cheryl Groff is a local documentary and portrait photographer here in San Pedro. When’s she not photographing the local underground music scene, she’s taking photos of the youngest of young and is recently starting a series of photographing elderly subjects as well. Some of her subjects are just days old

  • Dennis Keeley

    DENNIS KEELEY PHOTOGRAPHY: 25 YEARS OF MUSIC “In his book,”Photography, A Very Short Introduction,” the author, Steve Edwards complains that photography runs in all directions, permeating diverse aspects of society. He also states that, “Trying to account for photography as a whole is akin to a history, or a museum

  • Frank Rodriguez

  • Gil Mares

    Gil Mares My current work features cargo freighters in the Los Angeles Harbor. Using a ‘distilling process’ I concentrate on what is in plain view and attempt to pull out the essence of the subject. While searching for images in the harbor, I was drawn to the worn hulls of

  • Jon Nakamura

    Born in Los Angeles CA, Jon Nakamura was raised in an immigrant Japanese American family of six. His mother who ran a Buddhist ministry in Los Angeles, had an enormous influence on his life. After graduating from Fairfax High School, Nakamura worked as a line cook at a popular Italian

  • Lowell Nickel

    In 2005 I started collecting and photographing flotsam from our local beaches. This work began by building clusters of flotsam and making digital photomontages. As this project evolved a formal image-making strategy developed via toying with these beached objects and placing them within layered compositions. The intention: the renewal of

  • Slobodan Dimitrov

    Slobodan Dimitrov is a photographer based in the Long Beach/Los Angeles Harbors. Recently his project, Artists Portraits, was exhibited at Angeles Gate Cultural Center. Currently, his 20 year long project on the Piledrivers, can be seen in the lobby of Local 2375, Wilmington CA. To date he has had over

  • Tim Maxeiner

    Photographer Tim Maxeiner, born and raised in Germany, moved to San Pedro a few years ago. In 2013 his photo-book “Home Alone / Auto – Allein zu Haus” (available in German & English) was published by German publishing house Delius Klasing. The book is photographed exclusively in San Pedro. It