• Da Aie Park

    My work is based in minimalism; I am interested in the reaction of pigments on a surface. With my visceral choice of colors, I apply water-based pigments to various substrates, from illustration board to canvas to wooden panel. Then through the actions of my body as I shake, tilt, and

  • Daniel Porras

    Daniel Porras was born in Lima, Peru. He and his family migrated to the states in the early 90’s when he was a teenager. During his undergrad and graduate studies he researched ancient Peruvian art and queer theory. His paintings are infused with inventive shapes, saturated color palettes from pop

  • Elizabeth Casuga

    Elizabeth Casuga is a contemporary visual artist who has used painting and video as modes of expression to explore her affinity for Science and Art. She uses her background in scientific research as a point of departure for her artistic explorations in “Scientific Abstraction.” “Open-ended” visuals create a simulacrum of

  • Frank Minuto

    Frank has had one-person shows at galleries in the United States and in a private collection with the Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka Museum in Russia and the Museum of Art in Nagasaki, Japan. His Corporate collectors include MTV Music awards in New York, Club Med Corporation in Los Angeles and Union Bank

  • Jeffrey Scott Brown

    Jeffrey Scott Brown b. 1955, Inglewood, CA BFA CSU Dominguez Hills: Studio Art Painting teacher and advisor: Gilah Yelin Hirsch English Minor. Additional studies in Mass Communication Law, Advertising Copywriting and Photography Contact: Jeffrey Scott Brown Phone: 310-221-0968 Email: kopykat7@gmail.com

  • Joyce Weiss

    Color is my life- I use it at full volume. I work with acrylic or oil paint and often include three-dimensional objects, collage, photographs, and text in my work. My world is populated by imaginary characters and reality bites. The distant past, the volatile present, and our constantly evolving future

  • June Edmonds

    June Edmonds is a painter and public artist that has shown her work locally at California African American Museum, Huntington Beach Art Center, Watts Towers Art Center and the Korean Cultural Center to name a few venues. June has completed works of public art in the city of Los Angeles including

  • Leah Shane Dixon

    Leah Shane Dixon is a digital painter and mixed/multi-media artist. Originally from Long Beach, California, Leah is a graduate of Pratt Institue (Brooklyn, NY) and the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Leah’s work has been seen at the Rubin Museum of Art (New York, NY), Beacon Arts

  • Lucinda Rudolph

    Lucinda S. Rudolph (LSR) is a painter and mixed media artist that loves the feel of oil paint. Exploration, reflection, and reinvention are thematic elements in her work. Current work includes paintings of Avalon (1965-2009) exploring self, memories and dreamscapes. In the spirit of reinvention and lifelong learning, LSR has

  • Nancy Voegeli-Curran

    Nancy Voegeli-Curran’s artistic practice focuses on the duality between chance and intention. Her sculptures, drawings, and paintings explore process and materiality through the lens of the natural world. Through interweaving multi-layered structures, she creates micro and macrocosms that resemble earthbound or celestial forces and events such as water carving through

  • Stuart Hamilton

    The following was written by Alex Fraser, and is taken from the press release for Stuart Hamilton’s solo show, “Sticks and Stones” at the Teasmith Gallery, London, England – February, 2010: “His work has always been a meticulously executed expression of his environment, the natural world and his own personal

  • Tianlu Chen

    Resonance of Form and Spirit, Make Space, Let Resonance Happen and Evolve These are the essences of my painting approach. Like sailing, I keep my mind open to the interplay of the elements and the situation, and I surf with the moment. I’m an active member on sailboat racing teams

  • Vanessa Madrid

    Vanessa Madrid is a sculptor and painter based in Los Angeles. Her current work is an investigation into the vulnerabilities of the body and psyche, and states of transition. The essential components of humanness, as evidence of the journey of living beings towards transcendence, are the undercurrents running through her

  • Yayoi Ailene Shibata

    Education 1955 – University of California at Los Angeles – Graduate School, Masters Program 1954 – University of California at Los Angeles, Bachelor of Arts in Painting 1952 – University of California, Berkeley, Associate of Arts in Letters and Science Awards 1993 – L.A. Cultural Affairs Dept. Grant/Artists Seeking Sanctuary

  • Yoon Jin Kim

    Yoon Jin Kim (b. 1948 Seoul, Korea) is a Los Angeles based painter. She studied at the University of Hartford in Connecticut (1971-73) before earning her MFA (1979) from Seoul National University. In 1996, she rented a studio at Angels Gate Cultural Center where she could see Santa Catalina Island